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Qualifications and Accomplishments

  • B.A. Cultural Anthropology California State University, Fresno 

  • Birth & Postpartum Doula Training, DONA International 

  • Traditional Postpartum Birth Worker, Nafsa Project School

  • PAIL Advocate

  • Certified Community Health Worker, Fresno State

  • Certified Family Advocate Paraprofessional, Cultural Brokers Inc.

  • BLS Certified, American Heart Association


About Me

First and foremost, I love everything about Birth and Babies. Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of working with families and babies. I was inspired to become a Doula. After a few years of obtaining a significant portion of my educational goals and tirelessly working around the clock, I finally received formal Doula training. 

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from California State University, Fresno in the spring of 2019. While working on my degree in Anthropology, I realized I wanted to take a unique path to improve the social determinants of health for the people in my community. Becoming an Anthropology major helped to strengthen my connection to the valley and deepen my understanding of the importance of community health.

The inspiration for my career choice and ultimately the name of my business comes from the birth of my first daughter Amaya, aka Maya, and the experience of being pregnant with little to no resources. I was not receiving the care and information that I needed and had no idea where to turn to for assistance. I knew there had to be a better way to give birth and to feel supported during the entire perinatal period. With my willingness to help, passion for birthing, combined with my seemingly harrowing perinatal period, I felt compelled to act on my ambition! Fast forward a few years, I officially opened Maya Bee’s Birthing Services in May of 2018! 


When I’m not working as a Doula, I continue with other community-based work like being a Certified Community Health Worker with the Covid-19 Equity Project, volunteering, and being a mother to my two wonderful girls. With the support of my loving husband and close family, I am inspired to continue all the amazing community-based work I love.


What I do Best and How I See The World Around Me

In my junior year of college, I had the great pleasure of discovering my Cliffton Strengths while attending LEAD Academy at Fresno State. During this academy, I was tasked with identifying my leadership style and individual characteristics that make up who I am as a leader. 

My Top 5 Cliffton Strengths


How I Apply Them To My Work

Innovative Ideas
Uniqueness in Everyone
Busy and Productive
Intellectual Discussions
Everything has Meaning
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