Baby's Grasp


Birth Doula $650
Please note that although all services are visible, we are currently only offering placenta encapsulation at this time due to client capacity.
    • As a Birth Doula, I help you prepare for the birth of your newborn. For each Birth I offer:

      • On-call support during pregnancy

      • Two prenatal visits

        • Each visit is 1 ½ hours long

        • We focus on a Birth and Postpartum vision, labor stages, comfort techniques, labor positions, and much more.

      • Attend the birth

      • One postpartum visit that lasts about 2 hours

        • We process the birth experience, go over the postpartum vision and add updates, and assess additional postpartum needs

    • Labor Positions: What are they and why are they important?

      • Labor positions are movements and stances that women can use during labor to help in delivering their baby. They help to reduce the use of medical interventions such as C-Sections and epidurals through the use of gravity and such forces.

        • Note-It is always best to practice these positions with one other person for safety

      • Positions include but not limited to forms of squatting, standing, kneeling, sitting, side-lying, lunges, and walking.

        • I advise women to change positions often during labor to ease pain, speed up labor, as well as reduce medical interventions

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