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My Approach

The care and support I offer are aimed at supporting the birthing person in a holistic way. The care we receive during the time of pregnancy and up through the postpartum period have a profound impact on your life. It is my hope to allow you the joy and comfort of knowing that you will step into the journey of parenthood prepared and at ease. 

Smiling Pregnant Woman
Welcome Her:
Welcoming you in to this new journey (even if its not the first pregnancy it birth)

Honor Her:
Honoring your experiences, feelings, and thoughts during this important jouney

Nourish Her:
Providing warming, nourishing foods as you take on your new role

Nurture Her:
Care for and tend to you as you are in the perinatal period

Close Her:
Helping you heal after birth

Celebrate Her: 
Paying respect and celebrating this new journey and preparing you for the days ahead

To care for the birthing person, my techniques center around six core principles.

Pregnant Woman in Nature
Women in Underwear
Mother and Baby
Bridge Pose
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