Doula for the Community

For those who need reduced-cost services, in Fresno County, please contact me and apply for the Doula by Donation program

What is Doula by Donation? 

Doula by Donation is a program I founded for those needing low cost to no cost Doula services. 

Why Doula by Donation?

I founded this program as away for families to still have access to Doula services if they so choose. As a single mother,  I understand wanting the best for myself and newborn baby. I feel that Doulas, like other birth professionals should be accessible to all despite income level

How to Apply 

Now Accepting Anthem Blue Cross Insurance

Answer the following questions in a half-page response and send your response to

Questions please call (510) 780-6282

Tell me about yourself?

Why are you seeking Doula Services at a reduced cost?

How do you think a Doula will impact your pregnancy, birth, and or postpartum experience?


When is your due date?


Are you looking for a Birth Doula and or Postpartum Doula? Or both?


Fresno County


Tel: (510) 780-6282

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