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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the placenta after the birth of the baby by dehydrating, powdering and placing it into capsules for the person who gave birth to use at their discretion.  


Below are some of the most common reasons why mothers consume their placenta:

* Lessening the risk of postpartum depression

* Replenishing iron from blood loss during birth

* Providing the HPL hormone to help establish early and healthy milk supply

* Stabilizes hormones

* Replenishes B vitamins and energy

*Protection from infection and bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membranes

* Offers natural pain relief from the labor and birth

  • 1 Placenta Print
  • 1 Placenta Keepsake
  • 1 Bottle of Placenta Capsules

Placenta encapsulation for a client July 2021

Yoni Steam or Vaginal Steam is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years in Africa, Greece, Japan, Mexico, and many other places. 
In a Lavender Field
Physical Benefits
  • Reduction in pain, bloating, and exhaustion associated with menstruation
  • Decreases heavy menstrual flow
  • Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycles
  • More rapid healing and toning of the reproductive system after giving birth
  • Eases discomfort of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis
  • Promotes healing of vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar
  • Helps to restore bacterial and ph balance to aid in the prevention of infections, bacterial vaginosis, and odors
  • Relief for symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain
  • Can tighten the vaginal canal
  • Detoxification of the womb and body
Emotional & Spiritual Benefits
  • Reconnect to the ancestral wisdom of the womb
  • Release of stored emotions & anxiety
  • Access to the feminine energy that gives rise to our vibrant radiance and creative potential as women
  • Relieves tension and creates a state of bliss
  • Helps with insomnia
Two Women in Underwear
Organic Herbs and oils dried and mixed in-house to be used in a relaxing steam session
Sessions Include:

The initial vaginal steaming using organic herbs, five-minute meditation, finished off with a foot and leg massage using organic blended oils.
30 minutes
Lingerie Models
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Yoni Steam
Please note that although all services are visible, we are currently only offering placenta encapsulation at this time due to client capacity.
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