Child Birth Education
Why Childbirth Education?

Lamaze Childbirth Education offers a wide range of evidence-based information to support all families on their journey to parenthood. No matter how far in to your journey you are, there is a class for you. 

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Private and Group Childbirth Education Classes

Regular Session:

A four-session childbirth education class designed to provide hands-on practical support to prepare expectant parents for their journey to parenthood.


Excellerated Session:

A two-session childbirth education class designed for parents with a due date that is just a few weeks away.


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Childbirth Education Myth:

"Childbirth education classes are only for first-time parents."

Answer: Childbirth Education classes are for a all parents and support persons. Childbirth educators offer current evidence based information to help inform families along their journey through parenthood.

*Note: Sessions are hosted in person and virtually