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Childbirth Education
Why Childbirth Education?

Lamaze Childbirth Education offers a wide range of evidence-based information to support all families on their journey to parenthood. Childbearing families will have increased confidence in their ability to give birth and be able to make confident and informed decisions throughout pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.  


No matter how far into your journey you are, there is a class for you.

Fresno Doula Maya Bee's Birthing Services
Please note that although all services are visible, we are currently only offering placenta encapsulation at this time due to client capacity.

Childbirth Education Myth:

"Childbirth education classes are only for first-time parents."

Answer: Childbirth Education classes are for a all parents and support persons. Childbirth educators offer current evidence based information to help inform families along their journey through parenthood.

What to look for in an Educator?
A CBE Educator should​:
  • Promote childbirth as a natural process
  • Help families to use strategies that facilitate healthy perinatal experiences
  • Help families understand how interventions and complications affect the perinatal period.
  • Provide information and support to encourage bonding 
  • Help families to make informed decisions
  • Advocate for families to have a safe, healthy childbirth
  • Increase the families' confidence in their bodies and birth experience.
Private and Group Childbirth Education Classes

Regular Session:

A four-session childbirth education class designed to provide hands-on practical support to prepare expectant parents for their journey to parenthood.


Excellerated Session:

A two-session childbirth education class designed for parents with a due date is just a few weeks away.


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*Note: Sessions are hosted in-person and virtually


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